Other work

Artwork wear by French Workwear Co (March 2021)

I was amongst a group of 8 artists who were asked to customise the classic chore jackets sold by the French Workwear Co. I chose to complement the individual characteristics of the jackets by printing them with simple motifs and formulaic shapes, in both vivid and muted tones.

Photographs by Daniel Haplin

Jackets left to right by Jenni Allen, Jayde Perkin, Becky Baur.

Jackets left to right by Ian Viggars, Jenni Allen.

Choose Love x Print Club London

I was invited to be part of this fundraiser for Help Refugees charity. The brief was to create a limited edition print featuring the Katharine Hamnett 'Choose Love' slogan. The prints were auctioned with all proceeds going to the charity.